Whether you want to lift a car to its highest point or just raise it up a few inches, an Atlas auto lift can help you get the job done. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.
APlusLift HW

Whether you are looking for a portable car lift for your garage, or you need a two post car lift for larger vehicles, Atlas has a solution. Their products are available online at Amazon and eBay.

The APlusLift HW-10KBP is a two post lift with a maximum capacity of 10,000 pounds. This lift has a symmetrical and asymmetrical design, and can lift a variety of vehicles. It can accommodate SUVs, sedans, and pickup trucks. It also features a powder-coated finish, adjustable arms, and a floor-mounted plate. The S-type frame allows for both asymmetrical and symmetrical arm positioning.

The APlusLift HW-SL6600X Mid-Rise Scissor Lift has a lift height of 51 inches, and a minimum height of 6 1/8 inches. It can be set up in a garage with a ceiling as low as 9 feet 6 inches. It is equipped with a spring-loaded Secondary Lock System, a manual release safety lock, and adjustable arms. It can also be motorized for quick access.
APlusLift BP8000

Designed for the commercial service shop, the Atlas Platinum PVL-9BP is one of the most reliable and durable base plate lifts on the market. The lift is also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. The most impressive feature of the lift is its patented double S column design. The gusset at the middle of the column adds extra strength to the structure.

The Atlas Platinum PVL-9BP is a full size pickup lift, but can be configured to accommodate passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. The lift has a large load capacity, but does not sacrifice maneuverability. The column is a sturdy 111 1/8″ tall, or 9′ 3 1/8″ if you count the handrails.

The BP8000 is one of the easiest to use and operate base plate lifts on the market. The manual single point lock release system is mechanically proven. The BP8000 is also one of the safest base plate lifts on the market.

Atlas Garage Pro 8,000

Featuring a capacity of 8,000 pounds, the Atlas Garage Pro 8000 EXT is a great option for storing your truck or car in the garage. It has many features found in the Atlas Garage Pro 9000, but in a larger package. It has a longer runway than the standard model, and is designed for taller vehicles. The lift is also compatible with most longer wheelbase pickup trucks.

The Garage Pro 8000 EXT has a few features, such as a heavy duty jack tray that is designed to hold tools while you work under your vehicle. It can be moved from one end of the lift to the other, and it includes plastic drip trays for added convenience. It also comes with a free caster kit with polyurethane wheels.
Atlas Platinum PVL-10

Designed for commercial garages, the Atlas Platinum PVL-10 auto lift is a slick little vehicle lifting gizmo that offers plenty of bang for your buck. The lift is a two-post design with a three-stage telescopic front arm and rubber column guards.

The most obvious benefit of the lift is the ability to accommodate large vehicles like heavy trucks. This translates to easier and faster vehicle entry and exit. The lift features a 110″ drive through space, a nifty telescopic front arm and an ALLY AL2850 hydraulic power unit that meets electrical standards both in the US and Canada. It can be wired to an optional quick disconnect box mounted on the lift column.

The AP-PVL-10 two-post lift is not for the faint of heart. With a base weight of 2,500 pounds and an overall height of 14′ 6″, you’ll need a good bit of room to maneuver the lift.
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Whether you need a scissor lift to move a heavy vehicle, or you are looking to improve safety, there is a model from Atlas that can help you get the job done. The brand represents quality and affordability.

The SLP-9K is a full rise scissor lift that combines a 78-inch full-rise scissor jack system with a low lift platform height. It is perfect for customers with ceiling height limitations. It’s a great solution for body shops, service shops, and wheel service specialists. It’s also ideal for uni-body trucks and SUVs.

The SLP-9K features locking approach ramps, which ensures smooth operation of the lifting surface. It also has a lowering limit of 10 1/2 inches from the ground. Its hinge points are zerk grease fittings for extra safety.

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